Cocoa in pregnancy
Many expectant mothers I like to pamper yourself with all sorts of Goodies, not always aware of the fact that the food can be not only a source of nutrients but also cause health problems.…


Cardamom is considered one of the finest of spices in Western European, Asian and Russian cuisines. The ancient Romans didn't do without him, as the Arabs put it in the so-called Bedouin coffee, regarded as…


How to make fruit ice
Try to make fruit ice to our recipes or create your own based on them! Fruit ice is a treat not only for children, adults also like to eat this dessert . not necessarily in…


How to make cocoa with milk

In the cold of winter can be perfect to warm up with a Cup of the beloved cocoa with milk. And better if it will be cooked to a traditional recipe. It has more utility in contrast to the soluble cocoa, in which there are many unnecessary, even harmful additives. Especially since that hot drink just cook at home. All that is needed — cocoa, milk, sugar and slightly free time.

Traditional recipe

For beverage according to the traditional recipe very principle that has complied with all the proportions and the quality of primary products. It

is especially laborious to choose cocoa powder at the grocery store. It should be natural and without additives. Milk will only fit fresher, better country. This will make the drink really tasty and fragrant Continue reading

GREEN TEA HARM the benefits and harms

Damage green tea

Again, the benefits of green tea will be more than black. If you are unsure that you can drink green tea, it is better to consult a doctor. The infusion of green tea for dysentery. Green tea is an excellent diaphoretic.

Green tea is recommended to prevent such terrible diseases as diabetes, stroke and cancer. Using green tea to lose weight and revitalize the body. The same can be said about a strong green tea. It must be used with caution, especially if there is any disease. Strong green tea and especially in large quantities is not recommended for pregnant women and people suffering from nervous disorders.

If you like green tea and want to receive only benefits, it is worth knowing a few simple rules. First, choose a quality green tea. The higher the quality of tea you use, the more it will be beneficial nutrients.

If you consider yourself a fan of green tea or just eyeing this magical drink, then our article Continue reading

Green tea benefits and harms of the unique drink

The known benefits of green tea since ancient times. Many Nations used it to treat a variety of diseases. Modern scientists confirm the fact that green tea has many unique properties and positive effect on the body. What is the benefit of this miracle beverage and can it hurt?

The composition of green tea

The unique properties of this product is easy to explain: in the green tea has a lot of chemicals. So, this drink includes more than 500 items, among which should be mentioned magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, fluorine. In addition, it includes almost all vitamins and 450 organic compounds.

However, its unique properties green tea owes the following components:

1. Alkaloids. The main alkaloid of green tea is caffeine – this substance delivers a burst Continue reading

Original Milk Oolong

Natural Milk Oolong is produced in the South of Fujian province. 75 kilometers from the town of ANSI. Here the plantations reach a height of 1000 meters. Here is grown a very special teas…

Natural Milk Oolong has a follower – flavored Milk Oolong. And these teas are very different. Natural Oolong tea is grown and produced without the use of any food flavorings. This 100% organic tea, with its natural aroma.

This tea is a hit in the Chinese market. And in Russia it is not at all. This is a great example of undervalued small-town tea, which I drink mostly the older generation in the villages and surrounding area. But,

paradoxically, it became the prototype of the modern flavored Milk Oolong, which is so popular in “white” countries.

This Continue reading

Green tea about the benefits and dangers

Green tea, of which a few decades ago, and heard some, not all, not to mention to try, is rapidly gaining popularity. There are several reasons – here and taste, and excellent ability to quench the thirst, and the undoubted health benefits, which they say often and a lot. I myself a few years ago almost completely abandoned black tea in favour of green, primarily because of use. However, if green tea is good for health, as is commonly thought? Let us understand.

We begin, as usual, with the basics. What is green tea and how it differs from the more usual black? In fact, it’s the leaves of the same plants – tea Bush, – past, however, the different degrees of

fermentation. After the tea leaves have been harvested, they are laid in areas with good humidity and air, resulting in the enzymes Continue reading

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